metal detector for hamburger patties / Cheddar Cheese/Mozzarella Cheese/Kraft Cheese/Feta Cheese/Burger Slice Cheese


Detects and Separates the ferrous, non ferrous and stainless steel metal ingredient. 

Metal Detector – Cheezburger / Burger / Cheese burger

md - meatBanana_Metal_Detector_Target_Innovations

Detection Method  : belt stop / Automatic Rejection

food Metal Detector for Biscuits /Bread /Burger/Confectionery / food Processing Industry.

metal detector for 50 kg bag

Applications :  food (including aquatic products and quick-frozen food, extruded food, salted foods etc..) pharmaceuticals, plastic, chemicals textiles and other occasion that need metal detection.

metal detector for biscuit

Metal Detector for Biscuits /Bread /Burger/Confectionery / Processing

md - meatMetal Detector for Chocolate & Biscuit Industry

Provided with Audible and visual alarm, automatic belt stop.

Metal Detector for Frozen Food / Sea Food inspection

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Metal Detector for Frozen Food / Sea Food / Vegetable products inspection.

Tunnel Metal Detector for Cream Milk Powder / Skimmed Milk Powder Industry.

metal detector for 50 kg bag02

Our metal detectors operate on the inductive measuring principle. A high frequency electromagnetic alternating field is generated. If a metal object passes through the metal detector, the detector experiences a change in the field based on the magnetic and electrical properties of the metal object. All types of metals (i.e. non-ferrous, ferrous and stainless) are detected.



IQF fruit products Manufacturers use our metal detectors for checking metal contaminations.

metal detector for mango slice / soap / jam

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Target Innovations are the leading manufacturers of metal detector for mango slice / jam / soap industry from Goa, INDIA.

Tablet Strip Defoiling Machine For (Russian / Ukrainian market) Pharmaceutical Industry.


We have exported our Tablet Strip Defoiling Machine / Pharmaceutical Metal Detector / Tablet Metal Detector / Elevating Tablet Deduster Machines to USA,UK,UKRAINE,RUSSIA,SOUTH AFRICA,UAE,NEPAL,BANGLADESH,VIETNAM.

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Elevating Tablet Deduster Machine,Tablet Deduster Manufacturer


Target Innovations Exported Elevating Tablet Deduster machine,Tablet deduster to UKRAINE,RUSSIA,SOUTH AFRICA,Thailand, Nigeria, Nepal,Singapore.

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