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Checkweigher is designed for fast, accurate weight control of cases, bulk bagged products, corrugated boxes.

Target’s standard and highly customized checkweighing solutions are built to suit your specific application, environment, regulatory, and industry requirements.

Chekweigher For Pharmaceutical Industry / Pharmaceutical Checkweighers


Target Innovations are the exporters of Pharmaceutical Checkweighers from Goa, INDIA ( Asia ).

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher / Checkweighing Conveyor System


  • Pharmaceutical Industry: In this sector, the Checkweigher can be integrated in the cartonator line.  The cartons will be consisting of multiple / single stripe of tablets / capsules, the leaflet of the product.
  • The checkweigher checks the filled weight of the pack and classifies for missing or excess stripe or leaflet.

Elevating Tablet Deduster and Tablet Metal Detector


Best Metal Detectors from Target Innovations

Online High Speed Checkweigher for Pharmaceutical Industry.


Target Innovations are the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Online High Speed Checkweigher for Pharmaceutical Industry.


Dynamic Checkweigher for Pharmaceutical Industry


Dynamic checkweigher is are manufactured using best quality stainless steel with operating support of Industrial PC Technology. Windows based Embedded System  allows easy and optimum handling of the system. Some of the other standard features of the system include RS 232, RS 485, USB, ethernet interface.

Online Checkweigher / Metal Detector for Meat.


 metal detector for meat production can be used in the industry of food, medicine, toy, chemical and leather to detect and remove the iron particales, needle, lead, copper,  and stainless steel. It can be also associated the machine with automatic product line.


1) The advanced advantage is sensitivity automatic balance function, which make sure that the sensitivity won’t change no matter how long the machine is used.

2) Stronger anti-interference.

3) Adopt digital signal processing method but not traditional analog signal.Digital signal processor makes sensitivity higher and machine run more reliable.


Conveyor Metal Detector And High Speed Checkweigher for Food / Pharmaceutical Industry.


  • Accurate to within +/- 0.5g, this checkweigher is designed specifically to comply with both average weight and minimum weight legislations.
  • Full fault diagnostics, auto zero correction & speed sensing, modular design and protection to IP55.
  • Metal contaminated product is rejected from the production line into separate reject bins.
  • An easy clean, TFT touch screen display, presenting an array of statistical and graphical information.

Combination Metal Detector & Check weigher for Tuna Processing / Seafood / Meat


Target Innovations ,Goa, INDIA Leading manufacturers and exporters of checkweigher system / Check Weighers.

Combination Checkweigher + Metal Detector System for Tea Bags / Tea Packets


Rejector positively removes overweight or underweight packages from the line, and can also reject contaminated packages when activated by an integrated metal detector.

The open stainless steel framework provides easy access for thorough cleaning,and conforms to cGMP and HACCP guidelines.