Best Metal Detectors for Sri Lanka , Bangladesh , Indonesia

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Affordable metal detector from India , Sri Lanka / Cheap Metal Detector from Asia

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We are one of the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Metal Detector from India to Sri Lanka / South East Asia / Far East Asia / Middle East.
We offer an array of optimum quality Metal Detector that further comprises of :-

  • Micro Scan Metal Detector
  • Gravity Feed Metal Detector
  • Tablet Metal Detector
  • Pulse Induction Metal Detector
  • Door frame Metal Detector

Confectionery Metal Detector , Sri Lanka

Target Innovations exported Metal Detector for Confectionery to Sri Lanka.

Client List.:

01 – M/s. Desicolanka ( Pvt.) Ltd., Colombo , Sri Lanka

02 – M/s.D.Y. & D.U. Rajapakse ( Pvt.) Ltd., Henegama , Sri Lanka

03. M/s.Cocotana Coconut Products , Katana , Sri Lanka

04. M/s.Hero Nature Products ( Pvt.) Ltd,Dankotuwa , Sri Lanka

05. M/s. Serendib Flour Mills (Pvt. ) Ltd., Wellampitiya, Sri Lanka

06. M/s.Quick Tea (Pvt.) Ltd.,Colombo , Sri Lanka



Metal Detector for Flour , Roti Flour Products – Sri Lanka

001metal detector for 50 kg bag

Our Metal Detector for Flour and Roti Flour Products are being operational with M/s. S.dib Flour Mills (Pvt) Limited ,Sri Lanka . 

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Target Innovations , INDIA top maker of Metal Detector & Metal Separator developed for Food, Pharmaceutical , Plastic, Wood, Sand..

Target Innovations range of products :

** Tunnel Detector — meat, sausage, sweet, Chocolate, Biscuits..

** Free-Fall Detector — Flour, snack, powder

** In-Line Detector — Sauce, cream, liquid

** Aluscan — special for Aluminium Packing

** Digitech – 75 — tablets and capsules

Exclusive Distributor Required at.: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines

Metal Detector for Biscuit / Bread / Confectionery / Ice Cream

Concerning the quality factors of the industry, Target Innovationsmetal detector for biscuitmetal detector for doughcornetto ice cream + md. is stepping forward with its pre-eminent array of Biscuit Metal Detector that is specifically used for detecting impurities in all types of bakery products. 

Exported To.: Asian Country
Sri Lanka, Israel, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, China, Myanmar, Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Burma Cambodia, Qatar, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Russia, India, Afghanistan, North Korea, Philippines, Kazakhstan,

Confectionery Metal Detector – Sri Lanka , Vietnam , Bangladesh , Oman

food metal detector , conveyorMetal Detector for Chocolate & Biscuit Industry

We have exported our confectionery metal detectors to oman , sri lanka , bangladesh , africa , south africa.Keywords : metal detector for confectionery , Sri Lanka

Metal Detector for Biscuit , Confectionery – Sri Lanka , Vietnam , Malaysia , Indonesia , Bangladesh

metal detector for biscuitWe like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturer & exporter of Metal Detectors for All applications like Food, Spices, Biscuit ,  Pharmaceuticals,Confectionery,Sugar,Baki­ng, Sea Foods ,Cement,CHP & Agro Based Industry.


Metal Detector for white Coconut Powder ( Vietnam , Indonesia ,Malaysia , Sri Lanka ).

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Coconuts Metal Detector – Sri Lanka , Vietnam , Indonesia , Malaysia

Jewelry_Metal_Detector -01food metal detector , conveyor

Our Coconuts Metal Detector are being used in sri lanka , vietnam , malaysia , indonesia for checking metal contaminations in food products like coconut powder , coconut flakes , white coconut powder. Best keywords for our products : coconut metal detector – Sri Lanka , Coconut powder metal detector – Sri Lanka , metal detector – Sri Lanka