Metal Detector for Sanitary Powder Handling / Powder Dosing System

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METAL DETECTOR SYSTEM – Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, procedures, processes.

Pharmaceutical Metal Detector – Nutraceutical Industry


Target Innovations are the leading exporters of Pharmaceutical metal detector for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry.

Metal Detector for Nutraceutical And Pharmaceutical Industry.


Metal detection is now an integral and necessary part of every industrial process nowadays. Whether your company is involved in the bakery industry, the meat, fish and diary industry, the textile industry, snacks and confectionary or the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, all business needs to know that its products are as safe as they can be and that they are free from any element of metal contamination. Metal detection provides a product safety solution which minimises the risk of legal action, bad publicity and financial losses, all of which could result if a customer was injured by a broken needle tip or even a miniscule piece of stray metal left in a finished product.

Metal Detector for Maida / Flour / Powder Handling And Dosing System

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Target Innovations are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal detector for Flour Handling & Dosing System in food , chemical , powder and pharmaceutical industry.

Metal Detector for freeze dried material, food Packets, chemical , Bulk Powder Industry.

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Target Innovations manufacture and export metal detection system for  Powder Handling System and is applicable in food , chemical and pharmaceutical industry.