Fishmeal Metal Detector / Metal Detector for Fishmeal

02Gravity metal detector

The Structure and Work Principle
The SYSTEM is mainly composed of a metal detection head and a screw conveyor. By means of electro magnetic field, to check the metal contamination in fish meal / fishmeal  materials, if there is metal detection signal , the metal detector will give a output signal /  alarm or operate a reject mechanism.

Model: GFMD – 350


① High detection sensitivity, fully detect metal which mixed in raw material, to avoid the abnormal damage to the machinery.
② Auto / Manual operation.

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Metal Detector for Fish Meal / Fish Meal Metal Detector


The fresh fish is brought to the factory in frozen condition. The icing is done depending upon the transporting time. The raw material is taken through the conveyors from the fish tanks through a metal detector to catch the metal items.

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