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A checkweigher consists of three conveyors (feeder, weighing and outfeed), supported by a structure in stainless steel tubing that gives the machine stability, eliminating possible vibrations and disturbances originating from the workplace. The load-bearing tube structure speeds up cleaning operations. All the models comply with the standard on protection.

Online Checkweigher for Pharma,Dairy,Food / Food Processing Industry

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Above checkweigher installed and commissioned successful in Pharmaceutical Industry In South Africa.

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Pharmaceutical Checkweigher / Capsule Checkweigher / Capsule Check Weighers

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The pharmaceutical checkweighers can be easily integrated into new production lines or can be added to upgrade existing lines, so as to provide a full range of functions and user-friendliness, while simultaneously reducing the complexity of your packaging process.

Pharmaceutical Checkweigher / Checkweighing Conveyor System


  • Pharmaceutical Industry: In this sector, the Checkweigher can be integrated in the cartonator line.  The cartons will be consisting of multiple / single stripe of tablets / capsules, the leaflet of the product.
  • The checkweigher checks the filled weight of the pack and classifies for missing or excess stripe or leaflet.